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Coffee table made of ash wood in the form of cassette. Something just in time for sentimental audiophile. Wenge wood striped strikingly mimics tape wound on the roll. The tape in the front of the table, was made of American walnut wood. I tried to put it so, that you can still slide here the phone or the remote control. Tempered glass on the table helps to keep clean and evens surfaces.

Today, I present additional worklog.

On the ash plank I’ve designated all essential points, following the model of a standard cassette. I’ve drilled central points of the tape rollers, and then clamped a piece of wood from the bottom, whose task was to block the router when cutting.

Gradually expanded the depth of milled holes.

After rounding the edges and sanding I’ve cut the middle window, where you will see the roll and tape. Here, too, I’ve sanded them a little.

Of coarse sizing cherry and wenge wood pieces I’ve prepared rolls, which will later be glued on the bottom.

Another ash plank served me for the front of the cassette.

After cutting the shape I’ve glued the rolls and strips of wood to correct thickness.

From the bottom I’ve fitted the next piece of ash and the table began to resemble its original.

To fill the niche I’ve made the tape from American walnut, and some ash wood.

If the glueing doesn’t work out perfectly, the best solution is to paste a veneer strip. After sanding there isn’t even a trace! This is a much better solution than any putty, because wood behaves and aging identically.

After tightening strips of wood witch I will use to fastening the legs, the work has come almost to an end.

Then I’ve glued “screws” that will distancing glass

And this is the final effect.

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